Sean-Nós (‘old style) Dancing is a relaxed, free-form style of percussive Irish dance suitable for dancers of all ages and fitness levels. While dancers will learn fundamental steps in the class, they are encouraged to be creative as they move to the rhythms of the music.


For those who are new to Sean-Nós dancing or have done Sean-Nós dancing for one year or less.


For people with at least one year of experience in Sean-Nós dancing, or significant experience in percussive dance (Irish dancing hard shoe, tap, clogging, flatfooting, flamenco).

Sean-Nós Dancing classes will be taught outdoors in July/August. Please please contact us for more information

Irish dancing provides a fantastic cardiovascular workout that will help you build fitness, increase your flexibility, and have fun while learning new steps. Classes at all levels will focus on technique and choreography in both the light and heavy shoes.


For people who are new to Irish dancing, or for people who have danced in light shoes, but not in heavies.


For people who know the basic light dances (reel, jig, slip jig, single jig) and have done some basic steps in the heavies (jig, hornpipe, St. Patrick’s Day).


For those who have danced at Méan Grad/Ard Grad level (Prize winner/Championship) in both lights and heavies.