Sean-Nós (‘old style) Dancing is a relaxed, free-form style of percussive Irish dance suitable for dancers of all ages and fitness levels. While dancers will learn fundamental steps in the class, they are encouraged to be creative as they move to the rhythms of the music.


For those who are new to Sean-Nós dancing or have done Sean-Nós dancing for one year or less.


For people with at least one year of experience in Sean-Nós dancing, or significant experience in percussive dance (Irish dancing hard shoe, tap, clogging, flatfooting, flamenco).

Sean-Nós Dancing classes will be taught outdoors in July/August. Please please contact us for more information


It is not 100% necessary to buy shoes; however, having the correct form of footwear is always beneficial in dancing classes.

For Sean-Nós dancing, any shoe with a hard sole and low heel will do.

Please wear shoes without taps - a pair of brogues, ‘work shoes,’ or low-heeled boots will work - scroll down for a video example!

Please do not wear runners, high heels, flats, tap shoes, or Irish dancing shoes (hard shoes), as these are unsuitable for Sean-Nós dancing classes.